Sat 05 Jun 2021 12:45


Hello and welcome everyone to the Stags March Newsletter.

Committee Update

Welcome to the first edition of the Stags newsletter, whilst there has been no play for over a year your committee have been working on several things.

What we would like to do is keep you, the members, up-to-date with what is happening and this monthly newsletter will be one of the routes to doing this.

Hopefully over the coming weeks you will get an opportunity to take a look at what will become our new home, it’s amazing to see how quick the grass has taken root and the pitches look to be taking shape.

We have also held an initial meeting with the architect to brief him as to what we require as a clubhouse.

Hopefully by the next newsletter we will have some sketches to show you all. 

I know the coaches are looking forward to getting you all back out to training, to work on the additional lockdown layers that have been laid down, I know I’m keen to get back out there.

Over the coming months as we return to play and look forward to the coming years of Hook and Odiham RFC club there will be plenty of opportunity for involvement by the members in the planning and creation of what will become a proper community rugby club, so if you have any ideas or want to get involved please contact any of the committee either by telephone or WhatsApp.

In addition to this if you have any friends, colleagues and family that wish to get involved either through playing or sponsorship please get them to speak to us.

Membership Update

Our Membership Secretary has recently uploaded a post about memberships which can be found here.

Coaching Couch

With light at the end of the tunnel and the prospect of training starting again, we ask ourselves are we ready?

It's been tough for all of us especially with the lack of contact and opportunity to train with others. This may still be the case but fitness is something we can all work on and crucial to improving our game. With that here are some tips for getting the heart rate back up and preparing the body for training once more.

Challenge 1: Interval Training

  • Find a field, road, circuit anywhere that allows you to run 100m.
  • For 15 mins follow the following circuit.
    • 100m slow pace (slow jog, not walk)
    • 100m medium pace (normal jogging)
    • 100m fast pace (sprint)
    • Work back and forth at this distance maintaining effort, working on all the effort in the sprint
  • Once 15 mins is up have a 2min break then repeat or shorten the distance to 50m for 10 minutes.

Challenge 2: Simple running

  • Set a target and make it
  • Per week aim to run a distance, 5, 10, 15 miles, what ever suits you.
  • There are two points of importance here
    1. The fitness and preparation of the legs for the exercise
    2. The commitment in completing your challenge.

Raging Bull Stash

Remember if you need any Stag gear then please visit the Raging Bull site by click here